Senior Laptops is laptops for seniors!

Laptops for seniors? Absolutely! My name is Candy. During the day I am employed by a medical adult day care center as a Activities Assistant. During the evening I'm a freelance laptop computer instructor. I specialize in laptops. I teach seniors how to navigate the wonderful world of online computing. My students learn everything from how to create an email account and manage it to how to make a website and start an online business. Many of my seniors are catching up with old friends and watching movies and tv shows they haven't seen in a long time using their laptops.

Top Models For Seniors

A Plus
Apple iPad Mini
Toshiba Excite
Apple iPad with Retina Display
Dell XPS 10
Lenovo IdeaTab
Sony Xperia 64
Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet
ASUS Vivotab Smart Black


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